Globalization In South Korea Essay

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Traditionally the Koreas were heavily influenced by China. Even being a part of the “Chinese Tribute” system regularly paying tribute to the Chinese emperor and courts. Many countries took interest on the Koreas and by the end of 1905; Japan was the main power of the Korean peninsula. When the Japanese invaded they became an isolated country . Japan ruling was the beginning of the industrial development in the Koreas. By the end of the Japanese rule they were one of the most industrialized nations in Asia. By the end of 1953 the Koreas were split in half with a DMZ line when the Koreas were politically different with two different nations occupying different regions. Since the split both Koreas have changed drastically. South Korea has had major changes over the years. Globalization has affected South Korea positively in many ways including its economics, education, and culture.
South Korea’s economics has increased significantly displaying this in its first years after separating from North Korea. Its growth of exports climbed considerably by 21% each year since the 1960’s from originally being 9%. Prior to the separation of the Korea nation, the country was considered unproductive and would not import and export any type of goods or with certain countries. After the division of the Korean nation, South Korea’s economy allowed the nation to transform from a third –world nation to one of the world’s leading manufacturing countries. Today it is known as an economic tiger for its fast improvement economy. It is also one of the main exports for the motor vehicle industry and for electronic manufacturing. South Korea is also a part of APEC showing it has embrace trading with nations across the world. Over the years it has inc...

... middle of paper ... movement but recent years have improved by introducing Korean Pop and Korean traditions spanning from across Asia to the United States. Since being influenced by their recent history allowed them to embrace their nationality. This created a sense of unity to having a voice in their nation. Globalization has caused them to embrace the recent changes in their area especially in music. The government has pushed for Korean producers to use American technology and Japanese style have allowed them to spread Korean culture. With the end of the cold war and Americans stationed in South Korea, it influences many people in Korea to pursue being American. This included wanting to become like Americans and changing their lifestyles and music. Globalization is seen in this way greatly because South Koreans embraced the Americans and other nation’s lifestyle and music.
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