Globalization And Free Trade Essay

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Introduction Statement of Problem The current form of globalization and free trade is under criticism. Although our life is changing because of globalization and the increasing open market, we can hardly feel the great benefits that free trade brings to us, especially those people from developing countries. It appears that countries and companies with power are controlling the whole global market. (Shah, 2007) Theses powerful countries would like to set many barriers to prevent some products from other countries to enter into their own countries. (Litonjua, 2010) How can we reduce barriers, including tariff and non-tariff, to realize free trade? Background Nowadays, globalization is a common vocabulary that we can hear in our daily life. And it is also the trend during these years. It seems a good news to us. We can easily buy things made in China or Japan in the United States, which means we…show more content…
During our business class, we always discuss some cases related to international trade. From these cases, I form a macro system of global trade. As a transfer student from China, I get knowledge in different environment. Now I have been in the United States for over one year. I kind of know how American people view globalization and free trade. China now is the biggest import country of the United States. I think I have my own opinion about free trade. As an international common person now living in the Unites States, I always compare the prices of the same products between United States and China. And I feel there is a big gap between some products. I both have professional and common people’s view about free trade and globalization. And I have traveled to several countries and feel their economic environment, including developing countries and developed countries. So I am the best person to execute the plan.
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