Globalization And Education Essay

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The new era witness the rapid development enables people to reach new limits away from the local space of knowledge and limitation of culture. International societies, international organization, new spaces of media has broken all borders and moved forward to scope of globalization. Apparently, not everyone agrees with that. Many people and countries look to globalization as threatening enemy to developing their countries, Kunnanatt (2013, p44). The recent situation shows that the world moving in confident steps to more of globalization in everything. Regardless the government opinion, people become aware more and more about the role that the globalization can play to developing their countries. The globalization seems to have converted the developing countries into real identical – advantaged nations that are positively participating in the planetary economic system, Kunnanatt (2013, p51). Moreover, this essay will argue that globalization has enabled countries to develop for the next three main reasons: it has a positive impact on education quality and education systems, it help develop the economic situation and extend the infrastructures for developing countries.
To begin with, globalization brings significant improvement to the education system around the world. Student satisfaction was becoming an essential part in quality of education. Maringe, F, & Mourad, M (2012, p-3) pointed to that the Satisfaction of the individual should recognize as a marketing process through which the definite requests of student accomplish. As a consequence, a momentous number of students traveling around the world precisely for better teaching opportunities. Eneew.C, (2014 .p-1). As an example, Deakin University annual report (2012.P-3-5) shows ...

... middle of paper ... increase overseas trading. A new communication system established were fast and reliable like internet and satellite communication and international banking system all as a direct answer to cope with globalization phenomena.
To sum up, it is clear that globalization has more advantages in developing countries. This is because it has a positive impact on the education system, increase the chances to improve the economy and it expands the essential infrastructures of developing countries. If the government of these countries did not act immediately in response to globalization, it might bring serious problem like lack of education and stagnation of economic and limitation in the essential infrastructure. Thus, it is important to these nations in all levels to draw profit from the globalization and push itself forward to ensure better lifestyle for the citizens.