Globalization And Education

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Globalization is becoming a reality. Education with other services has entered the ambit of international competition. Border and increased demand for higher education especially in developing countries like India as increasing demand and process of globalization of higher education institution should make themselves ready for the competition in the process of globalization of higher education. The new paradigms involved are creation of intellectuals of world standards and also training of skilled manpower at mass level without compromising on quality. Preparing students to accept, face and overcome emerging challenges, extreme commercialization and profit motivation have been pressurizing education system in such a way that foreign partners have expanded their market immensely. The government’s duty is to convert threat of globalization opportunities in the process of higher education. Globalization brings the issue like commoditization, buying and selling knowledge ,profit motive use of lcl and its implementation. International friendly situation with a competitive mode make the process of globalization fruitful. In this paper the impact of globalization on higher education and the general problems faced by higher education is presented. Key words: globalization , higher education, challenges, problems. Introduction The term “globalization” means integration of economies and societies through cross country flows of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital , finance and people. Cross border integration can have several dimensions-cultural, social, political and economic. Globalization is a feature of the changing world. It is no more a recent phenomenon in the world and since India is a major player of t... ... middle of paper ... ...oded teaching methods, declining research standards, unmotivated students, overcrowded classrooms and widespread gender and ethnic imbalances. The 11th plan recognized the issue of quality and brought a sharp focus on the promotion of quality and excellence. The plan recognizes that quality in higher education is critically incumbent on physical infrastructure, number and quality of teachers and academic government in universities and colleges. Limitations of the Study : 1. The study does not cover primary and secondary education. 2. The study covers only the quality of education and no other aspects. Research Methodology: This is an empirical type of research. Empirical Research is that research which is based on experimentation or observation, i.e. evidence of the researcher. Such research is often conducted to answer a specific question or to test a hypothesis.
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