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What is Globalization?:
According to Merriam Webster the dictionary definition of globalization states that it is, "the act or process of globalizing," but what does it mean to globalize? Once more, looking back at the Merriam Webster dictionary it refers to it as, "to make (something) cover , involve, or affect the entire world. So what does it all mean, and how does, 'involving or affecting the entire world," relate to our economy as a whole? Think of globalization as international trade. International trade helps connect itself to the process of both interaction and integration among us throughout the world. It similar to what one unanimous culture would be. Even this broadly describes globalization remember that globalization has a pretty broad definition itself. But, keep in mind that it does not only effect economic development itself, but our physical well being and quality of life and society around it.
What does globalization mean to the United States (Pro and Con):
There has been many political and economic consequences to globalization with many pro and cons to hold within it and they be of two different signs. One sign or view could be a sign of a hopeful future, but the other sign or view could be of a disaster to our worlds economy. For example, today corporations have become agents to globalism or what they would call "cultural imperialism". This new form of both political and economic domination have made many critics argue that any business enterprise capable of manipulating personal tastes will thrive, but state authorities everywhere will lose control over the distribution of both goods and services. This would then lead to a domino effect where military force is perceived as hopelessly out of st...

... middle of paper ... rationalizing thrust, make all cultures or practices more "efficient," controllable, and predictable. Now whether it is linguistic diversity or culinary diversity, it is decreasing in some way because of globalization.
Is globalization redefining the United States and the world beneficially?:
Globalization surly has much negativity around it, but globalization is huge and since 1950 the volume of world trade has increased by twenty-times and our foreign investments during the past decade doubled from $468 billion to $827 billion. However if we are to have the world continue under globalization we must realize that certain updates are necessary in order to change the path globalization is taking us within culture, human rights, etc. If the quality of life and society benefits surly would the economy throughout the world benefit under the means of globalization.

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