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Each year we see how the world is becoming a smaller and a more crowded place. We see how society is crossing over physical borders and becoming a global society. International markets allow for job placement opportunities in foreign cultures but also come with unique challenges. Multi-national companies are now operating in new countries and markets. It’s a changing world and in order to be successful in this new world companies need to provide their employees the proper tools to do business in a new culture. Moreover, the company itself needs to be willing to adapt and change to meet the expectations of the markets.
Apple products have been the highlight in being differentiation. As stated by Mornin (2010) “They’ve been very clever in making their brand “kool” and synonymous with creativity and self-expression. They have created entertainment products such as the iPod nano and iPod touch. They have revolutionized their style by creating unique colors that fit with the individual personality. But Apple has not stop there they have products like the iPad and the iPad mini, in which article have stated the kindle fire is in close competition. These waves of products have brought many opportunities locally and aboard but with Apple’s constant challenges aboard have decided to bring back jobs back to American. As stated by Terrab (2013) “President Obama announced in 2012 that Apple will be bringing some of its outsourced jobs back to America. Apples decision to bring jobs back to America is viewed partly as nationalistic pride along with an escape from rising labor wages in developing companies.” Although, Apple continues to monitor regulations there are always certain stipulations that make it hard to work and function in a global...

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...your product to them as well. It’s just having a balance between both local and global markets that will determine which company is doing it right and only time will tell in the near future.

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