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The impact on Caribbean states, the effects and the benefits.
Four Dimensions of Crime:
Economic, Cultural, political and social
Dependency Theory
Advantages and disadvantages of Globalization
Should Caribbean countries resist or embrace globalization?

Globalization is a process; a process differs from a system in that it is dynamic whereas a system isstatic. According to Trevor Monroe, (2000) Globalization is a process which entails geographical, economic and cultural boundaries of decreasing economic significance, first and foremost to the movement of capital.
It also speaks about the issue of movement of goods, people, services, ideas, values and diseases. The Caribbean region forms part of the developing world commonly referred to as the third world developing Countries/Nations.
Four Dimensions of Crime:
Human Smuggling
Guns for Drugs Trade
Organized Crime
Fraud/Identity theft

The impact on Caribbean states, the effects and the benefits.
Advantages and Disadvantages:
Globalization has profound, telling and undeniable impacts on all spheres of those Caribbean societies. In fact it has changed and continues to change how people live and ultimately how societies operate. It affects from the lay man, who may be the typical farmer or unskilled labourer in any field to as high up the strata as the Politician and or businessman who drives the leadership and commerce of that society/country.
Economic Impacts of Globalization:
Advantages of ...

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...medicine, intoxicant and religious sacrament. It was later criminalized in 1913. Jamaica became a signatory to international treaties that prohibit the use of marijuana.
In Jamaica Researchers told the Professor Barry Chevannes commission on ganja that approximately one third of the island’s residents smoke ganja on a regular basis and that ganja which was once confined mostly to people on the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder are now practiced by people from all strata of society.
Arguments for Decriminalization of Marijuana:
1. Marijuana is part of Jamaica’s culture and cultural legacy
2. It holds a great potential and source of Governmental revenue
3. It’s important and beneficial for its medicinal purposes
4. It is legalized by a number of Countries
5. It has fewer health risks than tobacco and alcohol
6. And it would be a source of employment and earner

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