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Globalisation can be defined as “The process through which an increasingly free flow of ideas, people, goods, services and capital leads to the integration of economies and societies”. (International Monetary Fund, 2009). An alternative definition describes globalisation as “a process in which the constraints of geography on economic, political, social and cultural arrangements recede”. (Waters, M. 2002) This essay will detail the various ways in which globalisation can be understood or explained, using numerous sociological concepts and perspectives. These concepts and perspectives include the ideas of cultural globalisation, technological, economic and environmental globalisation, globalisation and social change, social movements and inequality. The term globalisation originated in the business sector of the world during the 1980s, however when it began to be used by sociologists around 1990, a more social way of viewing the concept was adopted. The history of globalisation involves looking at what can be described as the ‘six waves of globalisation’ which analyses the concept of globalisation from the year 300 to the present. The six waves of globalisation is the result of a theory by Goran Thebron, a Swedish sociologist, and states that “globalisation should be seen as a plural phenomenon” (van Krieken, R. 2014) which suggests that “the dynamics of any particular globalisation process is the result of its emergence over time”. (van Krieken, R. 2014) Globalisation is a term or concept that is frequently discussed heavily in sociological debates. An example of this is evident within the sociological concept of cultural globalisation, which is the aspect of globalisation that concerns values, ideas and beliefs that are held... ... middle of paper ... ...echnology and such powerful transnational corporations, a globalised economy has been formed. A globalised economy means that interactions between domestic economies of different nations have been raised to such a high level that economic borders have literally dissipated, resulting in a globalised, inter-connected economy. Globalisation is not a concept which can be fully analysed and discussed from a solely economic perspective, it must also be addressed using an extensive variety of alternative sociological concepts and ideas. Thus, through analysing the sociological concepts of cultural globalisation, technological, economic and environmental globalisation, and global social change, social movements and inequality, it can be seen that the notion of globalisation is both complex and evolving, meaning it will be continue to be analysed for many years to come.

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