Globalisation And Society

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Globalisation is making the world increasingly interconnected. Globalisation is making society stronger, by the sharing of traditions, languages and the ways of thinking across diverse cultures, which is illustrated in cultural diversity, the arts and social values. Society has become stronger because of the increase in cultural diversity, mass global sharing of music for the greater good of the broader community, societies value of tradition being kept for centuries and the increased amount of access to media worldwide.

Globalisation has made society stronger, by creating the world into what is known as a ‘global village’, making the majority of countries culturally diverse. Australia is one of those countries which is so culturally diverse, with approximately 7 million immigrants from over 150 countries having settled in Australia since World War II (Henry and Kurzak, 2013).
This acceptance of other cultures has made Australia a stronger and more peaceful nation. Broadening the knowledge of other culture’s heritages, introducing new and different foods, learning 260 different languages, and being open and accepting to other religions (Henry and Kurzak, 2013). This is encouraging less culturally diverse countries to become more accepting. Globalisation is a positive aspect and it is through cultural diversity that society is becoming stronger. However some do not share the same view. Some people in society believe that cultural diversity will lead to more clashes between cultures. However it could go the other way and cultural diversity can bring together different nations and cultures to become one unit. It is becoming one unit that different cultures begin to share different interests and ideas such as becoming exposed to di...

... middle of paper ... to leave their home. Media provides the platform for the world to be exposed to different cultures, ideas and traditions other than our own, thus enhancing our view and understanding of the world. As individuals, we become more open and accepting towards other cultures, languages and beliefs, in turn becoming a more harmonious global society.

Globalisation is making society stronger. Cultural diversity is helping the world become a more harmonious place, by encouraging the integration of different cultures, languages and traditions. Music brings people together, and send a message that otherwise would not have been heard. Society’s belief in values, keep traditions alive, helping people remember the things which bring society together. Media keeps the world informed allowing people across the globe to take part in another cultures traditions and beliefs.
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