Global Water Cycle Essay: Aspects Of The Global Hydrologic Cycle

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The hydrologic cycle
The hydrologic cycle also known as the water cycle is the exchange of water between the land surface, oceans, atmosphere, soils, biosphere, solid earth and the groundwater systems,(Marshall, S.J. 2014). The overview essay considers aspects of the global water cycle on how water is stored in oceans, rivers, dams and also the modeling of the hydrologic cycle, importance of long-term cycles for predicting water level dynamics in natural lake and an analysis of precipitation isotope distributions and . Evaporation and precipitation over the world’s oceans, rivers, and dams they are dominant in fluxes within the global hydrologic cycle. There is a huge change in the global hydrologic cycle and the time that the water molecules stay in the atmosphere is just about 9.2days, (Marshall, S.J. 2014). Just about 90% of the water molecules cycle through the earth atmosphere, evaporating and precipitating over the world’s oceans, river, dams and also reservoirs. The sun heat the water in the water in the
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The ever growing demand of water in a secure way demands an intensive technological involvement that has go its own profound environmental implications. There is a percentage of the global human population that leaves in areas that are threatened with water security. The 77% of liquid surface fresh water that lakes contain provide many important ecosystem services or functions and give support but yet soft, levels of biodiversity; the dynamics of water level include one of the most important physical processes in lakes with significant socio economic and environmental

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