Global Warning: A Moral Crisis

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Despairing the many efforts to make everything more efficiently, moral crisis takes a very indispensable role in this issue. We are provoking that the new technology takes over our life not just affecting human but also the environment, according to McKibben, “Coral reef researches indicate that these spectacularly intricate ecosystems are also spectacularly vulnerable.” (446) He explains that these new technologies are not letting us feel the reality and at the same time it is not allowing us see more deeply the consequences of the global warming, causing us to be completely ignorant of it.
He is concerned about the responsibility that we have to have to take care our environment, but pitifully moral crisis takes a big role in our life that we are not aware of our own destruction and the developing of it. The author cites when we use the air-conditioning without reasoning about it, the consequence of our actions can develop a big impact to carbon monoxide. Due to this outcomes, Mckibben expresses, “ we need to be making the switch to solar and wind and hydrogen power right now ...
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