Global Warming a Global Dilemma

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“Reducing your heat-trapping emissions does not mean forgoing modern conveniences; it means making smart choices, using energy-efficient products, and understanding which areas of your life generate the most carbon emissions.” (Ten Personal Solutions to Global Warming) A decade ago, global warming was not much of a concern as it is now. No matter how much we are informed about it , we as a society seem to ignore the future disasters that global warming will acquire. Global warming is a “global” dilemma and everyone has an obligation to help reduce emissions. This phenomenon has a powerful impact on our climate, our health, and our environment. As climates rise, so will diseases creating more deaths in this world. The heat will warm our waters causing the ice caps to melt. Global Warming can also cause natural disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, and many more. “...these impacts will continue to intensify, grow ever more costly and damaging, and increasingly affect the entire planet — including you, your community, and your family” (Global Warming Impacts). The world is already in danger lets do something now before it worsens. There is sufficient amount of evidence that can prove that humans are the main cause of global warming. What to do about this is the question that remains controversial (GWS) . Choices that we make today as little as stopping greenhouse gasses to emit will make a big difference in the future. In addition to decreasing the amount of gases we emit we can also increase the amount that we get rid of. Plants and trees get rid of CO2 therefore if we change our ways of farming and increasing forestland we can store more carbon in a more natural way. (global warming solutions 1) Stoppi... ... middle of paper ... ... in global emissions. All of these are very important steps that we could all be taking to stop global warming and have a better future because us as human we are not doing our job to keep our planet safe. As an individual there are many personal solutions one can have. “The routine decisions that shape our days — what to have for dinner, where to shop, how to get to work — may seem small, but collectively they have a big effect on global warming.”(Ten Personal Solutions to Global Warming) Many everyday things can help, it may not seem like it but it can make a huge difference. Little things like switching your regular light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs can give you the same amount of light for 15% of the energy. A great way to reduce global warming is to spread the word, just imagine if every American decreased their emissions that, how much can we all save?

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