Global Warming: Why It's the Government's Job to Halt a Perfectly Natural Phenomenon

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Over the years, there has been concern over the fats shifting weather pattern occasioned by the global warming. Extreme and erratic weather conditions have been experienced in almost every part of the world. This essay will review the literature that is available on the definition of Global warming, the causes of global warming, effects of global warming on the community and nations, what the government is doing to stop global warming, as well as what Non-Governmental Organizations or Non-State Organizations are doing to stop global warming and finally what should be done to stop global warming.

The essay will also review the impact of global warming and community of Nations on tourism and how the changing weather patterns have impacted on the tourism trends from the human perspective as well as from the flora and fauna perspective. This will show how global warming has affected the community and nations negatively and what measures should be taken to stop global warming.

Literature Review and Analysis

Admin (2011) defines global warming as the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere near the earth surface and in the troposphere which can contribute to changes in the global climatic patterns.

Global warming can occur from both natural and mankind activities. Global warming can be human induced in such a way that it can result from induced emissions on green houses, methane released from landfills and agriculture, Nitrous oxide from the fertilizers, Gasses used for refrigeration and also cutting down of forests that would store carbon dioxide.

Causes of Global Warming

One of the most predominant causes of global warming is from carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels burning power plant. For exam...

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...tense hurricane breaks it up (Anita Pleumaron, 2007).


In conclusion the impact of climate change due to global warming on tourism appears extensive. Tourism being one of the major activities of the national and international economy, countries should ensure that they put in place measures to stop global warming so that they can attract tourists internationally without fear.


Countries should adopt sustainable development as it would limit the impact of global warming by reducing the vulnerability of people in the areas most likely to be seriously affected and increase the adaptability of those regions and people who live there.

Governments should set up programs and training to educate people on how to preserve the environment by encouraging them to plant trees, conserve and use energy efficient products so as to reduce global warming.

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