Global Warming Warning

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Global Warming Warning

In 2007, the Arctic reached a 30-year low for sea ice (University of Colorado at Boulder). This is because of global warming or what scientists refer to climate change. The issue with global warming is that it has impactions for damage to future generations. Prevention of a global climate change depends on early detection of human-made effects on climate. The current views on global warming are; those who do not think that the Earth is undergoing a climate change, others that believe the Earth is going through a climate change due to humans, and some who believe that Earth is going through a climate change but is not because of human activities. In order to understand global warming, we have to look to technical data meticulously.

Global warming is a significant increase in the Earth's climatic temperature over a relatively short time because of the activities of humans (Strickland). More precisely, a one or more degree Celsius increase in a period of one to two hundred years. The green house effect drives global warming; in addition, this force keeps Earth habitable. The danger is when green house gases achieve high levels. When sunlight travels into the atmosphere, the surface absorbs about seventy percent. Then, the surface cools by radiating heat energy upward. Only a small percentage of the energy emitted from the surface passes thought the sky into outer-space. Greenhouse molecules consume a large quantity of heat energy emitted by the surface, then radiated back down to the surfaces and lower atmosphere. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane gas, nitrous oxide, and water vapor. As more greenhouse gases fill the air, less heat escapes into space, furthering the warming of the surface....

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