Global Warming : The Greenhouse Effect

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Global Warming is usually referred to as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the absorption of energy radiated from the earth’s surface by carbon dioxide and water vapor and other gases. Some of these natural gases from the atmosphere tend to trap the sun’s heat, which is referred to as global warming. The Earth can be warmed up by trapping the sun’s heat. For the last thousands of years, the Earth’s climate has been useful to humans. The Earth’s average surface temperature has existed for life by the natural greenhouse effect. Major greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are being built in the atmosphere. Each time we burn gasoline, oil, coal, or even natural gases, more carbon dioxide is added to the Earth. Air pollution is set into the atmosphere by cutting down the forest trees. We are allowing more damage to the Earth since there are no trees to help filter out air pollution. At the present rate of destruction, it will take place the middle of the next century. When the atmosphere is disturbed there will be decreasing rainfall in some areas, and increase rainfall in other areas. Forests fires are set by dry outs and a greater amount of lightning strikes. When the icecaps melt that makes the sea levels rise. Vulnerable coastal cities would have to move farther inland or build protective walls. Some species will soon become extinct due to the warming. We can prevent and protect in many ways but until we humans start helping out, nothing will be done. A major concern to anyone who understands the poses of society would be global warming. Recently, a few concerns have been discussed about how to stop or slow down the process. We need to consider nuclear power stations, which some people think will cure or stop t... ... middle of paper ... ...’s climate has constantly changed, temperatures increased and dropped. But it’s happening now much faster that before, and does not give is any time to react or adjust. Global warming is a difficult and complicated issue, and there are many things that are unknown. It may been seen as the earth is already destroyed when thinking about how much greenhouse gas is already in the air. However, every step we take to a greener lifestyle, and with everyone coming together we can have a significant impact on the future of the Earth. As before, the definition of global warming is any increase in the Earth’s temperature. It can be a result of natural experiences, rather than humans and their activities. Every science enthusiast would have to keep their minds open. When asked about being the possible happening of human impact to global warming, and say yes, it is possible.
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