Global Warming - Mitigation is Not Feasible

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Global Warming - Mitigation is Not Feasible

I am in the adaptation group, and I am trying to help my teammates by providing information on the greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation sector. I will provide facts that mitigation in transportation is a near failure. The whole purpose of my part in the group is to attack the opponent in the area of greenhouse gas emissions.

From the EPA, the major cause of rising global temperature, part of the climate change, is due to excessive greenhouse gas emissions. They will contribute to warm up the Earth’s atmosphere by absorbing radiation and altering the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere. 15,000 pounds of those are emitted annually per person in the US, for which 12500 pounds are carbon dioxide. Transportation sector constituted 27% of the US greenhouse gas emissions. Despise decreases in other sectors, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation sector have been rising 1-4% steadily in the last five years. Transportation mode alternation will affect the emissions in the long run since transportation mode is considered a long-term energy consumption pattern.

From the US Census 2000, the vehicle occupancy data will help us better understand the details in the transportation modes in the US. The average vehicle occupancy varies from 1.057-1.145 person per car. Carpool programs can only increase the vehicle occupancy up to 2.27 person per car, which is not up to half of the vehicle’s capacity. The veh...