Global Warming : It 's A Real Icebreaker

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“If you meet someone new, start talking about global warming. It 's a real icebreaker.” said one man. He didn’t mean this as a joke but everyone laughed. Rarely do people realize the reality of climate change is in fact one of the biggest issues we face today. Humankind’s activities are altering the world’s climate. Global temperature rose by 0.8 °C since 1980 [1] causing irregular weather patterns and forest fires. People all over the world are dying from heat waves (in 2003, 70,000 [2] death in Europe) and a pandemic of infections like malaria and diarrheal illnesses. We are amplifying the natural "greenhouse effect" that’s on Earth, which when in excess abnormally increases Earth’s temperature. These greenhouse gases compose mainly of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels (refer to figure 2.1) combustion and forest fires. Other gases include methane, nitrous oxide and various man-made halocarbons. In addition high levels of carbon dioxide have made the world 's oceans 30 % [3] more acidic. As people begin to realize the negative impacts caused by excess greenhouse gases, numerous initiatives have been put in place. The Canadian government has vowed to decrease carbon emissions by 30% in 2030 since 2005 [4] (refer to figure 2.2). They invested $2 billion (Canadian government) in Low Carbon Economy Trust to fund projects that reduce carbon and subsidies for reducing fossil fuels consumption. The Canadian Energy Strategy was initiated to protect energy preservation, strengthen energy conservation, and introduce renewable energy into daily lives. British Columbia offices are now upgraded with energy efficient equipment, such as Ergolight with dimming controls. Citizens are also encouraged to use public transportation as private transpo... ... middle of paper ... ...he positive aspects of nuclear power, the negative aspects are equally worse. The by product from nuclear fissions are extremely dangerous to humans. Radioactive waste can cause nausea, hemorrhage, cancer, internal bleeding and even death, depending on the degree of radiation exposed. Greenhouse gases are turning against us because of our actions. We are the main culprits in damaging our beloved planet and only we can change that. There are numerous organizations and government action plans aimed at reducing greenhouse gases such as the Canadian Energy Strategy. Alternative renewable energy sources are provided to substitute fossil fuels responsible for the excess carbon dioxide pollution. Although every option has its advantages and disadvantages, solar power, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, the benefit outweighs the adverse in the long run in climate change.

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