Global Warming Is A Serious Issue

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Global warming is a very serious issue that will affect us all in the long run. Global warming is the increase of the Earth’s average temperature. This increase of temperature is causing drastic changes to be felt throughout the world. Due to global warming we experience a change in seasonal temperatures, breathe in polluted air, put our future in danger, and our only option to counter will be conservation. According to NASA, the Earth’s average temperature is around 58.3 degrees Fahrenheit. That is one degree warmer than the 20th century. According to National Wildlife Foundation, the Earth’s average temperature is in fact expected to rise anywhere from 4°F to 11°F by the year 2100. From a statistical point of view global warming is a clear problem because if temperatures raised this high in this amount of time then imagine the actual temperatures in say the year 3000. A major reason for this is greenhouse gasses. You might ask why we don’t just get rid of greenhouse gasses if it’s causing a big problem such as global warming but greenhouse gasses is what makes life on Earth possible. Since greenhouse gasses warms the Earth – we need something to cool it down. This causes for the natural warming and natural cooling of the Earth. Another cause of this would be polluted air. This is caused by humans cutting down trees and making factories or driving powerful vehicles that emit a large amount of hazardous chemicals in the air. Cutting down trees already harms the human population because it is our natural source of air. Trees take in our carbon dioxide and emit oxygen that we can actually breathe. Without trees the air around us will all be compromised of carbon dioxide. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), huma... ... middle of paper ... ...r future in danger. The world needs to learn the true effects of global warming and begin to practice conservation. We need to stop using our cars for simple tasks. Instead of driving less than a mile to the store; we should try walking. Such a simple task like this will reduce the amount of pollution significantly. Imagine if everyone did this? The air would be pure and we could reduce emissions resulting in a longer life for everyone. How would we get everyone to participate? By advocating strongly. The most influential ways would be by film and social media. We need to create informal movies and documentaries stating the blatant truth with no restrictions. On social media we could create a donation page to buy more materials to spread the word and we could also spread the word on the page! There is no excuse for anyone not to know the effects of global warming.
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