Global Warming: Human or Natural?

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Global warming is an issue facing everyone in the world. It has caused some places to lose they’re homes, and soon many nations will face evacuations. Global warming will cause food and water shortage, and tension between poor and wealthy countries over resources. If more fossil fuels were being burned then it would lead to higher dangers. With the population growing everyday it will cause more challenges of climate and energy will only intensify. Global Warming or climate change effects changes in the entire environment. In the last one hundred years the average temperature has gone up by one point eight degrees Fahrenheit. This has caused changes in weather conditions like storm patterns, winds, the growth of plants, and the rise in temperature. It has also caused poles and glaciers to melt having the sea level rise and low-level island to become flooded. Some seasons are starting earlier or ending later then they where suppose to having plants bloom earlier or start to die. This has caused animals that live off those plants to decrease. Some think that green house gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen are causing it. Others think cosmic rays, aerosols, natural cycles and models, and galactic cosmic rays are the reason. Some even think that global warming has happened in the past of is happening with the Earth just at its peak in the cycle. How global warming is happening, human caused or natural caused, is the question most people are asking.

Human Created Problem

Greenhouse Gases

Increase of greenhouse gases is one reason why there is global warming. Some greenhouse gases are methane, chlorofluorocarbon, carbon dioxide, ozone, and nitrogen. When these gases are increased they help the increase of temperature. The l...

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