Global Warming: How Serious Is It?

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As many people know, many issues are going around the world. People are living with along environmental issue, social issue, personal issue, and more. Each issue can be important for a person while can be unnecessary to the others. Also, some people try to solve those issues while the others do not care. However, the global issues around the world are the most serious and concerning problems. According to Globe scan, 64% out of 25,000 people said environmental issue is the most serious problem. Like other issues, environmental issue is a growing problem around the whole world. Some people know and say that humans have to save the Earth, but how many of them actually keep those rules to save it? For that reason, environmental issue is an ongoing problem, and global warming is the huge and significant issue around the world right now. First of all, what causes global warming? The environmental issue emerged in the 1980’s (OPEC), and there are two causes that are responsible for global warming. One of causes is synthetic and other one is natural. Unlike synthetic causes, natural causes are mostly hypothetical. However, there are some truths among natural causes: volcanic eruption, sun spots, and the Earth orbits. According to, volcanic eruption causes dusts that act as shield from sun and cool down the temperature. However, there are few volcanic eruptions recently, and it caused increased temperature. The sun spot is another cause of global warming in natural. The radiation from sun impacts on the Earth’s climate. The other natural global warming is caused by the Earth’s orbits. It is because when the Earth rotates, it slightly wobbles and it cause change of temperature. Some people said all these natural caus... ... middle of paper ... ....html>. "Global Warming Effects Information, Global Warming Effects Facts, Climate Change Effects - National Geographic." Environment Facts, Environment Science, Global Warming, Natural Disasters, Ecosystems, Green Living - National Geographic. Web. 21 July 2011. . "OPEC : Brief History." OPEC : Home. Web. 21 July 2011. . "Poverty Most Serious World Problem: Global Poll." GlobeScan. 17 Jan. 2009. Web. 21 July 2011. . " - Global Warming Could Worsen California Wildfires." News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, U.S. & World - 12 Nov. 2003. Web. 21 July 2011. .

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