Global Warming: Fiction or Truth?

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True or false; global warming is a catastrophic event that is occurring by natural and human means that is causing global temperature to rise and that can lead to many disasters? This has been an issue that hundreds and maybe thousands of scientists and citizens have debated about back and forth. The thought of global warming existing is a strong claim that many and most people have been backing up. Reliable sources have claims and evidence that is sufficient to prove global warming but other reliable sources also oppose the reality of global warming’s existence. If there is no action made towards the prevention of global warming, catastrophic changes may occur to our planet.

Most of the claims from global warming currently happening are currently taking impact. Claims like this include from sea level rising in many parts of the world and ecosystem changes. Ice is melting all over the world. The greatest toll is occurring at the Earth’s Poles. Places like Greenland and Alaska are also receiving a great effect from this. Animals in the Poles like Polar Bears and Penguin’s are suffering due to ice melting and temperatures getting too warm for their cold natured selves to handle.

While global warming may have current impacts on the world, it also can have future impacts. Sea levels are expected to rise between 7 to 23 inches by the end of this century and the continuation of melting at the poles can add about 4 to 8 inches more. If the global temperatures increases, hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger. Other weather catastrophes like floods and droughts will be more common. The availability of fresh water in the world will be decreased due to fresh water resources melting. Some animal species will move from...

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