Global Warming Case Study

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Global Warming Global warming is a prominent symbol embodies. It is not only a scientific problem, it is one of the major political and economic issues are also facing the world today, and is closely related to all countries and the public. Global warming is definition as “an increase in the earth 's average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate, and that may result from the greenhouse effect.” in In other words, it is because the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases increase resulting in temperature. As early as in 1938, in late nineteenth Century a British meteorologist Kalinda in the analysis of…show more content…
It is mainly the thermal expansion of sea water, as the ocean warming, sea level is rising. Global warming will cause earth 's north and south poles melting glaciers, which is one of the main causes of sea level rise. The direct effects of rising sea levels include three aspects. First is the lowland inundation: like the UK 's higher levels in response to climate warming. Global warming is causing sea levels to rise and storm frequency increases, which makes the government had to heightening flood control dam. According to British officials released statistics, in the past 20 years, due to the water level of Thames River and increased with global warming, local government agencies have successively 88 times flood heightening dam. In order to ensure the safety of life and property of the people of London. The second point is the salt in the surface water and groundwater increase. The effect of urban water supply. The third point is the tourism harm and influence of coastal and island residents life, which threatened. If the polar ice caps to melt, the economically developed and densely populated coastal areas will be swallowed up by the sea. The coastal city of Maldives, Shanghai, Venice, like Hongkong, Tokyo, New York, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and Bangladesh, Holland, Egypt, and other countries will also be
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