Global Warming : Can It Affect Future Generations On Earth?

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Global Warming If we don’t do something about global warming now. Can it affect future generations on earth? Look around you what’s been happening? do you even know? Sea levels have been rising, global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, declining arctic sea ice, glacial retreat, extreme events, ocean acidification, decreased snow cover, and these are only a few of the things that have been happening. We have to do something now about global warming. The effects of global warming create a growing danger for the ecosystem we live in by damaging glaciers and weather patterns. Global Warming causes are carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants, carbon dioxide emissions from burning gasoline for transportation, methane emissions from animals, from Arctic seabirds, and deforestation. Especially tropical forests for wood, pulp, and farmland, increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on croplands. The effects of global warming are more killer storms, massive crop failures, widespread extinction of species, disappearance of coral reefs. We should try to figure out how to use less nonrenewable resources. Little by little we can do things to better our planet. Were destroying our planet! Scientists have documented the rise in average temperatures worldwide since the late 1800s. Earth 's average temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius) over the past century, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Temperatures are projected to rise another 2 to 11.5 degrees F (1.133 to 6.42 degrees C) over the next 100 years. 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the rate of global warming trends the planet is now experiencing is not a... ... middle of paper ... ...hrough. Takes lots of energy to pump, treat, and heat water, so saving water reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Saving water around the home is simple. Three percent of the nation 's energy is used to pump and treat water so conserving water conserves energy that reduces greenhouse gas pollution. We have increased global warming. The effects of global warming are very serious. Causing all kinds of damage. and growing danger for the ecosystem. We know that global warming is a HUGE problem that humans need to try and improve. As individuals we can do at least one thing day to help our plant. 1800-2013 climate has changed rapidly. It’s not getting any better over time, it’s getting worse. The Earth will always be here remember that but the human race won’t. So look up some things you can do to help the environment, because we can make a difference.

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