Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment

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The worldwide increase in temperature and the resulting climate change, known as Global Warming, could be a threat to the environment and have serious negative effects on all living things, including humans. Scientists agree that the temperatures on Earth are rising, but an agreement on what is causing it has not been reached yet, and how the government should address the problem is still being discussed. The debate is between who consider the climate change in the last century a completely natural event, something that already happened through history, with the Earth having periods of increasing and decreasing of temperatures, and think that can’t be stopped or changed by people, and who consider humans and industries the reason why Earth is becoming warmer and that believe that laws should be passed to make businesses reduce the emissions of Greenhouse Gases like carbon dioxide. Studies show that the Unites States are the major contributor to CO2 emissions and I recommend that the government takes action about it, passing laws to limit factories in the amount of gases that they emit, to decrease the country’s footprint on the planet. Scientists have been studying the changing in global temperatures and the effect of different gases in our atmosphere since the late 17th century, and the Earth’s atmosphere has been compared to a greenhouse since the early 1800s, because of similarities in how the Sun’s heat easily penetrates it like it does with the glass, but for the ground’s heat is harder to get trough the air (Lee). For decades, there has been a debate about how the humans impact the planet, if we can really change its temperatures or our emissions are too small to actually have an effect on the atmosphere. Al least ... ... middle of paper ... ...of Global Warming). It was ruled by the Supreme Court that greenhouse gases were considered pollutants under the Clear Air Act in Massachusetts v. EPA on April 2, 2007, and the EPA, in 2009, stated that greenhouse gases are a threat to public health and are the primary cause of climate change. The IPCC announced in 2013 that it is almost sure, with a 95% confidence, that humans influences and are the main cause of global warming. The largest climate march in history, with over 400,000 people, took place in New York, NY on September 21, 2014 demanding to the world government to take action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions immediately. (Climate Change Debate). The Pew Research Center poll in 2014 shown that 40% of Americans think that climate change is human driven, 35% deny the existence of global warming, and 18% that global warming has only natural causes.
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