Global Warming

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Global Warming and its Effects
Just as we think our atmosphere might be getting better we realize that its getting worse due to global warming and we just happen to realize it now. There are many different reasons to why and how global warming is happening, but the main reason of global warming is the Greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is when the atmosphere of the Earth traps some of the heat coming from the sun. This happens due to burning fuels, cutting trees, and the concentration of heat on the Earth. There are many other causes to global warming such as air pollution, Melting of the Glaciers, Human Activities and even Industrial Advancement that have affected climate change. This incident that has been going on for centuries affects many different factors in specific society, environment, and economy.
The environment is slowly being destroyed and habitats are being disrupted due to the increase of global warming and its not happening only in one way but in several ways. As stated from an article, “Severe rainfall events and snow storms can delay planting and harvesting, cause power outages … and other wise make it difficult for people to go about their daily business” (Union of Concerned Scientists). The environment has been severely destroyed due to the unexpected weather events that have lead to the disruption of different lands that we use for farming and harvesting and that has stopped farmers from doing their jobs. There have been other affects of global warming on the earth and as stated from the article Effects of Global Warming, “Ice is melting world wide, especially at the Earths poles. This includes mountain glaciers, ice sheets covering West Antarctica, Greenland, and Arctic Sea Life” (National Geographic)....

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...rring. Society is being damaged because of the lack of resources. Lastly, the economy is going through trouble because of many money problems. Global warming is a very extreme problem that has been happening for centuries and we need to start taking action before the world becomes a worse place than it already is.

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