Global Warming

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Although a popular belief, the idea that global warming is man made phenomena is a fallacy. While the scientifically uninformed may believe that CO2 is causing dramatic change in our climate, this is not true. Due to solar activity and natural variations in the Earth's climate, we experience alterations in our climate. While scientific data and the examinations of natural occurrences in our climate are overlooked in the common theories of climate change, the truth about our Earth's climate lies in an analysis of the facts. CO2, carbon dioxide, is claimed to be the active ingredient in climate change as we know it, according to scientists such as John Houghton, PhD in Environmental Studies. This hypothesis, based off of data collected in the Arctic, was made from incorrectly analyzing glacier samples taken from hundreds of feet below the surface. The climatologists used ice deposits to calculate both temperature and CO2 content during ancient time periods and were determined to find a link between the two. What the scientists found, illustrated by Al Gore in his book The Inconvenient Truth, was that as CO2 increased, temperature directly increased with it. This single set of data was extrapolated, attributing glacial shrinkage to CO2, rising oceans to CO2, and violent storms to CO2. But, upon further examination of this data, done by Professor Ethan Clark of Environmental Studies at University of Virginia, the theory of CO2 causing temperature change was obliterated. Clark graphed the change in temperature along side the change in CO2 with an added aspect, time of occurrence. Shockingly, CO2 increase lagged nearly 800 years behind that of temperature change. The inverse was happening, CO2 was not causing temperature change, rathe... ... middle of paper ... ... lowering the temperature; as the cosmic rays decreased, the abundance of clouds decreased, increasing the temperature 2. Man made global warming is inexistent. Although many believe that the Earth's temperature changes due to a rise in CO2, this is a fallacy, CO2 increase is a product of the rise in temperature, due to increase solar activity. Even if CO2 by some random and scientifically unexplainable event was the cause of temperature change, the percent the humans create is .3 or the amount of CO2 that occurs naturally. Reducing our carbon emissions would do virtually nothing. Temperature change is actually caused by the Sun. As solar activity increases with sunspots, these waves block out cosmic waves, reducing the amount of clouds in our atmosphere, causing a dramatic increase in temperature. 1: Refer to graph 1 on page 6 2: Refer to graph 2 on page 6

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