Global Warming

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Global warming, air pollution, and toxic chemicals are just a few of the horrible termites slowing tearing away at the environment in which we live. As technology in industrialized community has advanced over the years, there has been an alarming about of toxins released into our atmosphere; causing catastrophic effects to our environment and our bodies. Humans were placed on the top of the hierarchy of all life on earth, it would unethical for us to ignore our responsibility to cultivate, nurture and take care of the earth on which we live. There are many controversies about Global warming, air pollution and toxic chemicals; environmentalist are studying the origins of the problems and creating solutions to end them. Environmentalist asks who is truly responsible. Are industrial companies morally obligated to redeposit nutrients back into a land that was ravished by the harsh chemicals they produced? Are the possible alternatives being ignored because they are deemed less profitable? These questions and many more are being asked by, environmentalist, which are studiers of the environment, in a quest to reverse the curses that have been unleashed on our world as a whole. Is there hope in the restoration process? Is the restoration process effective enough to cause change? In order to obtain answers to these questions, a dissection of each Environmental Issues 3 threat must be performed, and then a practical plan implemented in an effort to annihilate all the threats causing destruction to our environment. Global warming is portrayed as one of the greatest environmental crisis in the history of civilization (Lomborg, B. 2007, pg. 1). The cover of Newspapers and magazines are constantly being plastered with the words glob... ... middle of paper ... ...n not just environmental issues but life issues in general. As a society we have been innidated with more than enough information on the deterioration of our environment; as well as ways to help fix the problems caused by our innovations and creations. The time is now to take the resources and healthy creations and use them to turn around our dying and deteriorating environment! The time is now to think more ethically towards our environment and heal our land before our actions become totally irreversib References Lomborg, Bjorn,(2007). Cool It, The skeptical environmentalist’s guide to global warming Rothschild, David, (2007). The Live Earth, Global warming survival handbook Colin, Thomas (01/23/2009). Regulating Toxic Chemicals Cq researcher Volume 19 #3 pg 49-72 Ruggiero, V.,R. (2008). Thinking critically about ethical issues. New York: McGraw/Hill.

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