Global Warming

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Global Warming

As the world's expanding population burns large quantities of fossil

fuels and simultaneously cuts down large expanses of forests

worldwide, the concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are

building up in the atmosphere. "The green house effect is the

(imperfect) analogy used to explain the atmospheric phenomenon that

keeps our planet warm enough to sustain life." There is mounting

evidence that this shift in Earth's atmosphere will lead to global

changes and potentially major climatic disruptions. The major concern

is not that the greenhouse effect is real;"we wouldn't be here if it

wasn't." It is that it "may be exacerbated by anthropogenic increases

in the effective gasses, threatening a disruption to the equilibrium

between incoming and outgoing energy, and a resulting average global

warming." From 1880 to today, by many measurements, the global average

temperature has increased by 0.5 Degrees Celsius.

Human and ecological systems are already vulnerable to a range of

environmental pressures, including climate extremes and variability.

Global warming is likely to amplify the effects of other pressures and

to disrupt our lives in numerous ways. "Melting icebergs and expanding

oceans may cause floods." The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Change (IPCC) predicts that there will be an increase in sea level by

the year 2100 of 1.5 feet. "Twenty Five percent of the world's

population lives less than 1.1 meters above see level." The IPCC also

predicts that there will be "droughts, heat waves, expanding deserts,

ecosystem disruption and increasingly severe weather", as well as the

productivity of agriculture...

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...e, global climate

change would likely continue.

We can slow down the rate of atmospheric change by cutting back on the

amount of greenhouse gases we pour into the air. This will require a

considerable change in our fuel consumption, industrial practices and

lifestyles. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth the effort because a

slow alteration in global climate would be much easier to adapt to

than a fast one.

Uncertainties about global warming are so great that it is not

possible now to say whether the net result has been, or will be,

beneficial or harmful to forest growth and composition or to the

subsequent management and use of forest resources. The only

certainties are that: greenhouse gases are accumulating; that the

greenhouse effect is real; and that some future global warming is

possible as a result.
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