Global Tourism Case Study

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In this essay I will discuss the safety and security issues that have occurred and currently occur in the global tourism industry. In my essay I will talk about the following factors that affect the global tourism industry such as Natural Disasters, terrorism, war, Natural Threats such as health problems, Political Instability, how the people in these affected countries try to minimise the risk caused by these risks, Human-induced security threats such as crime in these tourism destinations, Food and water safety that occurs due to these safety and security issues and what the future holds for safety and security in the Tourism industry. I will use case studies to back up my findings. I choose this topic because it is relevant to today’s current affairs that are occurring in the global tourism industry (, 2017). Personally, I find that the main factor that is…show more content…
Natural threats are something that occur Naturally that may cause harm to country or may have a negative impact on the environment or civilisation. If a tourist travels to a country which are less developed and have no clean water and lack of hygiene, this increase the risk of a tourist catching a disease from the foreign country. The increase in the global tourism industry has led to an increase in infections and diseases. Tourists carrying a disease from one destination to another was shown when the Ebola virus spread all over the world. A tourist can try prevent spreading infections by getting a vaccination before entering a foreign country. An example of a natural threat that had a major impact on the global tourism industry was the Ebola virus. The virus first began in the rainforest in western and central of Africa. Most of all first cases can be tracked back to the wildlife i.e. apes. In February 2014 the Ebola virus spread to Nigeria, Guinea and Liberia. This was the first outburst that happened in these
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