Global Positioning System

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Global Positioning System (GPS) is a new technology that uses the help of satellite data to measure the geographical information such as latitudes and longitudes and the velocity of the vehicle and helps to traverse the vehicle .The main idea is to program the GPS likewise that it can handle the navigation system without any human interventions. The GPS hardware consist of GPS receiver, Intertial measurement unit (IMU) compass and a computer for data processing. The main objective of the research is to enable an automated driving operation during the navigation of the vehicle without the help of the driver (i.e) the vehicle operated without the driver. The efficiency of autonomous navigation is only driven with the help of an interactive hardware and software that contributes in planning a better route and path prediction and during dynamic environments playing a role of man thereby improving the fuel efficiency and human comfort. The GPS based autonomous navigation receives the signal form the GPS satellites with the help of the receiver that calculates the position on the earth and executes in the navigation algorithm in order to produce the parameters such as direction and distance. A compass is used to specify the travel direction whereas the distance is determined by the velocity. The odometers with wheel encoders are the best example for this type of navigation system. Its methodology is, the velocity is measured with the dimension of the wheel and the time between the encoding pulse .The odometer systems requires frequent updating of its current position as it suffers errors. This type of system can be integrated with GPS for better performance. GPS autonomous navigation system is an emerging technology for the present gen... ... middle of paper ... delay. 6. Write and read data logger system: The parallax memory which allows to connect on USB mass storage. This device stores current longitudes and latitudes. They also read and write from the microcontroller. Conclusion: All the above research has been made and the objectives are achieved for the development of autonomous-GPS system embedded with compass, processor and data logger. The application has worked in the real-time environment with the collection of data using the satellite data received and the navigation of the car without a human interventions and the co-ordinates have been stored successfully into the data logger. The car steers into the data stored in the data logger through the waypoints with the help of compass. The LCD is used to display the latitudes and longitudes which displays the current data in the screen for the viewer to be viewed.

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