Global Opportunities for Turkey

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Global Opportunities for Turkey

The world is becoming much more connected, especially in the last few decades. The idea of being free individuals has become more important, as well as free market economies. Some ideologies have collapsed because of their antiquated offers about the political situations, yet some of them are ruling the world in the last hundred years. But if there is something certain about the whole world, it is that globalization is affecting and changing it. Turkey is located at the center of the Europe, Asia and Africa, therefore the political and economical circumstances of it are important both for the Western part and the Eastern part of the world, then, the role of the globalization is very important to Turkey. Since the country has improved by the global changes that have effects on the whole world for the last few decades, globalization is good and necessary for Turkey.

In the 1800s, there were two major ideologies for the world. They were nearly the negatives of each other, that one of them defended the free market economies and freedom of the mankind, yet the other supported the centrally controlled economies by the governments. Today, one of them is still standing, however the other one had collapsed. The one which is current today is the capitalism, as you may guess. It is clear that we are free today because of capitalism that we can do whatever we want, in the limits of not to disturb the other individuals, of course. The communism was not related with this maybe, yet the freedom idea of the capitalism cannot be considered without globalization.

Globalization is the combining of different cultures and economies, that the importance of the place of Turkey in the earth can be realized...

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...hey sell their goods. Equally clearly, globalization benefits consumers by providing them with better goods at better prices. Globalization increases efficiency and thus prosperity. (A Future Perfect: The Essentials Of Globalization, 2000)

As a conclusion, globalization is good for Turkey, because it increases the life standards of Turkish citizens. Having lots of options to buy and very large varieties to decide make our life more comfortable and easy. The globalization also increases our artistic values and skills, which help us to get away from ignorance, to expand our knowledge and perspectives of life. With globalization, Turkey and Turkish citizens have become more qualified and capable of understanding the world.

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