Global Migration And Refugee

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Global emigration is leaving one country for another for a variety of reasons that are due to conflict, persecution, and voluntarily (Shah, 2008). The difference between emigration and refugee is that an immigrant leaves one’s country to settle in another while refugees flee their country of origin for fear of harm. The potential for either is both positive and negative because they are a resource of human capital, entrepreneurship, and increased labor, potentially benefiting the host country (Milton, Spencer, & Findley, 2013, p. 624). Inequality amongst nations because the globalization of trade that affects political and economic policies creating winners and losers causing a global migration crisis (Shah, 2008). The complexity of the issue isn’t isolated to one country but those who are producers and consumers and their connection to economic growth, opportunity and security. People transiting across the globe are doing so in record numbers. The world population is roughly six billion people, and those living outside their…show more content…
Several different sects make up the Islamic religion, Shia (Shiite), Alawi, Zaidi, and Sunni, which is the largest and the remaining seven percent is Christian or Druze (Arabs - Religion, n.d.). These differing religious sects and rule have come under stress across the region with the widespread opposition to the established political order (Pillar, 2011, p. 8). This phenomenon is called the Arab Spring, which is a rebellion against the closed, hardened political and economic systems that characterize the Middle East (Pillar, 2011, p. 8). Disappointingly slow growth, authoritarian structures, civil wars in Libya, Syria, and the Iraq war, plagues the concept of compromise, loyalty to one sect and losing power without losing respect or even one’s life have fueled the Arab Spring (Pillar, 2011, p.
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