Global Health Care System Case Study

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Discussion Questions
1. What is the importance of healthcare policy in your line of work?

2. In the U.S., employers are required by law to offer health insurance to employees. Taking heed of the perspective of both individuals (employee and employee), let us discuss the recent implications of this policy. Could this policy be considered effective?

3. For graduate students, the school’s system of health insurance is linked to employment, and annual fees are deducted from the GA/RA/TA stipend. Basic coverage is provided to the graduate students with some contribution. Dental, optical, and certain health related reproductive matters are not included. During the summer, students are responsible
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If applicable, could you compare your experience (one specific example or two) within the structure of the U.S. health care system and another country? How is structure different and similar? Are you aware of the effect of any healthcare policies on your (health care seeking or other)…show more content…
According to Macfarlane et al. (2008), institutions of high-income countries tend to define global health in terms of their “working relationships with low and middle-income countries.” Furthermore, the authors pointed out that global health problems tend to be framed and addressed through the lens of industrialized countries. They also found that recent definitions of “global health” in the literature are predominantly written by authors from institutions in high-income countries (Beaglehole & Bonita, 2010; Koplan et al., 2009). According to Frenk and Moon (2013), global health should be defined by two key elements: its level of analysis, which involves the entire population of the world, and the relationships of interdependence that bind together the units of social organization that make up the global population (i.e. nation states, private organizations, ethnic groups, and civil society movements). Would you agree with critics of global health who claim that it is a modern incarnation of colonial

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