Global Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Background From time, Peru had been ruled by several prominent civilizations which had made changes to its agriculture, infrastructure, and central controlled government. Peru was ruled by the Incas from the 12th to 16th century. Peru then after achieving independence from Spain in 1821, was later categorized by political instability by the tyrant government. Juan Velasco a Peruvian General who ruled Peru from 1968-1980, under nationalistic movement supported industrialization, agriculture and elimination of foreign capital. Velasco's movement caused in negative spending on Peruvian social structures and increased activity by the Shining Path movement, a communist party active in specific areas of Peru (See Appendix A). To return back to democracy the country was accompanied by increased debt and hyperinflation. In 1990 Albert Fujimori was elected giving almost a 10 year corruption on human rights for citizens in the rural areas of Peru. Fujimori first help Peru economy by instituting sale, reduce overall spending and promoting foreign investment, the economy increased in 1997. Fujimori then overpowered the judiciary system and eliminated political opposition creating a political clash with the citizens. The poverty in Peru increased due to political and government crisis. Today as the country is still stable and safe, almost 20 percent of people still live in poverty, a similar figure 20 years ago. The impact of poverty hit solid on Peru as it is one of the highest in Latin America. These may be to the due that the population lacking education on health. Environment Lake Titicaca which is located on the borderline of Peru and Bolivia is a specific environmental concern because of its significance and livelihood as resourc... ... middle of paper ... ...t of citizen groups in reforms and public policy. The result was the signing of a national agreement in 2002, with the objective of defining long-term policies to be used in the fight against poverty and for social justice. Works Cited "Peru: A Development Overview | Foundation for Sustainable Development." Welcome to FSD | Foundation for Sustainable Development. Web. 24 May 2011. . "Essential Background: Overview of Human Rights Issues in Peru (Human Rights Watch, 31-12-2003)." Home | Human Rights Watch. Web. 24 May 2011. . "Environment of Peru." Gossamer Wings. Web. 24 May 2011. "Project Peru - Peru." Project Peru - Home. Web. 24 May 2011. .
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