Global Crisis Has Provided Opportunities for BRIC

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Lukoil has gone through a number of tough times that any oil industry is facing in today’s world. The key point is that the crisis does not only create risks, but also new opportunities. Therefore Lukoil grab the opportunity before it goes to someone else. Lukoil developed strategically to absorb the crisis with setting up realistic goal and comparing with actual risks. Lukoil progress in sustainable way keeping value to people, and in the same way achieving the determined company’s sustainable development targets. Lukoil implemented Anti-Crisis Program and Risk Management System to turn Global Crisis into Global Opportunities internally or externally. How They Turn Crisis into Opportunity in internal and external environment. Anti-Crisis program was develop to accomplish the internal and external risk company is facing, like focusing on Reduction of operation, general and cutting down administrative expensive, investing in operative areas to get the most out of it, researching new process and put into action by increasing the production of hydrocarbon, efficiently organizing compa...

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