Global Crisis

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Mother Nature has always been the decision maker behind all of Earth’s actions. The time for the rain, the size of the hail, and the speed of the wind are all under her control. However, when it comes to the Earth’s climate, she is not the cause of its increasing numbers. We are the ones to blame for the irregular weather patterns that have been changing in dramatic ways. The rate at which this change is occurring is what worries many environmentalist and meteorologists. Many people believe that Global Warming is false and that it is a scam created by the government to manipulate the population and increase taxes. Some say that by using College freshman statistics we can show that the error rate in temperature samples used is greater than the claimed temperature rise. In other word this theory claims that the government is manipulating the media to give false information to the public. In reality, it’s a catastrophic factor we face every day. The Shutdown of thermohaline circulation, sea levels rising, and global warming are all causing changes in the statistical distribution of weather patterns and will continue to do so over the next decades and millions of years to come if no changes are made. Earth is our home, our haven, and our sanction. If you and I, the inhabitants of Earth, don’t take care of our own home together, who will?

An unseen cause of major global climate change is due to the slow shutdown of the thermohaline circulation. Thermohaline circulation is a very slow and deep movement of water in the oceans around the world. A complete cycle can take thousands of years to complete from start to finish. Thermohaline circulation is linked to global climate and ocean health because it mixes dissolved gases and mineral...

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...late the population and increase taxes. In reality it’s a catastrophic factor we face every day. It can reach extreme levels if not controlled. Only people can controlled and change the outcome of climate changes. All in all, if we help Mother Nature, in return she will help our planet.

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