Global Communications Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Telecommunication companies were faced with an enormous decline in profits; Global Communication implemented a forceful plan. Global Communications, is a well known company in its industry, providing exceptional services to its’ patrons and valued its’ employees the most. However, the Senior Leadership Team has constructed a competitive plan that will single out it employees best interest. Since business communication is not effective, as it should Global Communication were unsuccessful with the implementation of the plan.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

In an effort to cut cost and recover from a decline in market share, Global Communications senior leadership team pitched a plan to the board of directors. The plan was accepted by board members, which pleased the senior leadership team. The plan would result in downsizing the domestic call centers, lay offs, and call center reps that remained will be relocated but had to suffer a 10 percent salary cut. Before the senior leadership presented the plan to its’ employees and union members, they attempted to filter the information in away that would make it appeasing to employees whom just suffered a 20 percent lost in benefits through the renegotiation of their contract. Maria Antez, the union liaison has had the task of renegotiating the worker benefits packages, due to financial pressures the company is suffering from. Finally the workers did give in thinking this will be beneficial for them in the long run. Now Maria has suffered a hard blow learning through the grapevine that the company is planning to outsource jobs overseas. Maria is furious and feels the leadership team was disloyal and not honesty since the leadership did not included at the beginning of the plan. Maria is the voice of the people, and she just has put herself on the line in the recent cuts. Maria will lose her credibility when the truth is revealed to employees. Now she must face employees who will question her knowledge of the information and her loyalty. There is no way the plan will be received well by the employees or the union.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

There are many stakeholders within this scenario. The first stakeholder is Global Communications. The company finds itself in a dire situation that effect current employees the most. The company has one major interest and that is to increase profitability. In doing so the company will have outsourced an immensely large amount of its work overseas.

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