Global Communications Case Study

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Introduction This paper will give an analysis of Global Communications and the issue with decreased earnings, telecommunication competition, and stakeholder alliance. Strategies will be discussed to allow Global Communications to begin market growth, stakeholder alliance as well as future measures to improve profitability. The solution to reposition Global Communications back into the telecommunications market will be discussed. The stakeholders have a problem due to contract manipulations; the Union is not satisfied with the strategy that Global Communications has taken by leaving the Union out of possible talks and moving forward with outsourcing jobs overseas. The Union is also threating to sue Global Communications and this has brought on another burdensome task. This analysis will also review the current situation, opportunities and stakeholders' outlook. The analysis will end with the desired end-state vision, current issues and resolutions. Issue and Opportunity Identification Global Communications is a mega-telecommunications company that specializes in local, long-distance and telecommunications for domestic and international markets. Global Communications did not recognize the competition that competed in the same markets for telecommunication services. The biggest issue with Global Communications is that Stockholders are complaining about the share price going down 50% as well as the competition overtaking the telecommunications market. The biggest threat to Global Communications has been the cable companies that have provided complete solutions to consumers by providing computers, televisions and local telephone service. Global Communications has been able to keep an advantage in international markets over cable companies who received mixed results. Global Communications has many opportunities to network with a satellite provider that will allow an alliance for Global Communications to offer video services, broadband and satellite capabilities. Another opportunity for Global Communications will be a partnership with a wireless provider to allow Globals small business owners to access the internet using a wireless telephone or PC card. Another opportunity is the decision by senior leadership to implement cost cutting measures that will increase revenue. Global Communications has an ideal strategy that will allow for a position of growth to be used in addressing the business side of telecommunications that will allow products and services to be distributed from an alliance of vendors that will give the same market edge as cable companies.
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