Global Communications Business Analysis

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Global Communications Business Analysis

Situation Analysis and Problem Statement

This paper will examine the scenario pertaining to Global Communications. I will identify five issues and opportunities that surround this company. In addition, I will look from the perspective of the stakeholder and the interest, rights, or value each hold with this scenario as well as any ethical dilemmas that may have arisen. From there, I will provide a problem statement that will present opportunities for future consideration. Then, I will describe the end-state goals that I have identified. Finally, I will summarize my findings in the conclusion. In any situation analysis and problem statement, we must have some pertinent background information to understand the situation better. Let us take a closer look at the matter at hand.

Situation Background (Step 1)

Global Communication is part of the telecommunication's industry. This is an industry that is rapidly becoming obsolete. Change is necessary if the company wishes to stay in business. Several factors play into why the company must use various strategical tactics in order to survive. Here a some of the issues that Global Communications must contend with.

Issue Identification

The obvious issue is that the field of telecommunications is on the decline. This is mainly due to more competition. Specific markets that can provide the service more efficiently and can offer incentives are more appealing to existing as well as potential customers. In order to maintain competitiveness, overhead may need to be reduced while upholding a certain level of productivity. This is in reference to Global Communications downsizing. This consist of layoffs, relocation of employees, pay cuts, and outsourcing. Each are delicate issues that the company would like to avoid yet none of them can be overlooked if the survival of the business is at stake. With the idea of outsourcing, another issue ties in heavily. That is the need for improvement in the international markets. Where outsourcing may be vital to decrease labor cost, also present is a need to establish a market base globally. With a great deal of focus around moving jobs domestically, an issue that could be detrimental to Global Communications' plans is Union backlash. Initial interpretations and understandings of an agreement versus the current need for change in order for the company to grow, have left the union and its members feeling somewhat betrayed. Not being fully aware of what was to come has hindered what had been considered a good working relationship.

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