Global Climate Change Essay

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Global Climate Change Have you ever walk outside in the middle of a hot summer and wonder why each year it’s getting hotter or why there is less snow each winter? Have you heard of global warming? Icebergs melting? Sea level rising? Polar bears dying? This is probably not new to anyone. Everyone could have heard of global warming a million times on TV or news. Though, many people do not know or do not have much knowledge on what are the causes of global warming. Greenhouse gases is the cause of global warming which leads to global climate change that affect the environment, sociopolitical, and economic all over the world. Though, the effects of global climate change lead to many consequences, it can be slow down by reducing CO2 emissions…show more content…
Environmental impacts will be discuss first. In recent years, many natural disasters had occurred such as drought, flooding, thawing of ice sheets, disappearing of mountain glaciers, ecology, etc (Kerr 2007: 188). Noted that global climate change causes the shift in biodiversity (Colwell, Brehm, Cardelus, Gilman, & Longino 2008: 258). According to Colwell, Brehm, Cardelus, Gilman, and Longino, increasing in global climate change has driven species like plants and insects to migrate or shift to a different environment that suit them better, especially species that lived in the tropic zone (2008: 259). Some notable species that are affected by global climate change are butterflies, corals, and plants which can lead to extinction (Kerr 2007: 188). Corals are affected by global climate change dramatically because they are higher sensitive to changing in temperature (Pandolfi, Connoly, Marshall, and Cohen 2011: 418). Rapid changing in temperature and concentration of CO2 in water will disrupt their lifestyle and prevent them adapting (Pandolfi, Connoly, Marshall, and Cohen 2011: 419). This will cause the coral reefs to start dying and even lead to extinction of global climate change is slow down (Pandolfi, Connoly, Marshall, and Cohen 2011: