Global Climate Change

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The Global Climate Change project has showed us the advantages and disadvantages of different energy industries and reform programs. Overall, I agree with the sub-committee’s proposal with there plan to make the world cleaner, starting with America’s energy sources. Even though I do agree overall with their plan, there are some slight adjustments I would make to the plan in a few of the industries that were discussed. The first energy source’s plan I was concerned with was the Clean Coal industry. I do agree that this industry should decrease its national power to twenty-five percent, and installing the new Carbon Capture Storage technology is the perfect way to make coal cleaner, reduce emissions, and have it be more cost effective. One aspect of the plan was to decommission one of every six coal plants throughout the United States to decrease the energy usage makes sense, although each plant employs over 2500 employees. My only concern is if one of every six plants are decommissioned, that is about one hundred plants decommissioned, America is losing over 250,000 jobs in thi...

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