Global Benefits Of Globalization

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Globalization has global benefit and cause for concern. A few of the global benefits are more efficient markets, increased competition, stabilized security and more wealth equality throughout the world.

More efficient markets is what the economy and the country should looking and hoping for. An efficient market help the country to see that there is a gesture that the market is working. If the market is working then there is a stability between what the sellers are willing to sell and what the buyers are willing to buy. By improving the product many companies can outsource their product to another company and they can offer a discounts, or a lower cost to make their product. By selling your products at a lower cost can help with demand
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One thing to look for is for multiple manufacturers that have the same type of business and have a good standing in the economy. It’s a clue to the consumers that the quality of products and services will increase because of the competition. Each company will what the consumers business, in order to achieve that they have to have the best product or service on the market. Many companies will start to look overseas to expand their business, and when they do they help introduce new standards, new producers to the global market. They also help the consumers have more choice in what they would like. With the increased competition, companies have the fight for a share of the market. To stay in the market, business have to stay up to date and change or improve their goods regularly. Sometimes when a business helps make a product better it can lead to lower prices, which make the consumers happy and eager to…show more content…
This is when one country’s economy can abundantly depend on another’s economy. Globalization helped with the world’s security. It has help stopped many of the conflicts that so many countries are facing. If each country did not depend on each other it could cause more conflicts and affect the financial health as well.

Not to mention the more wealth equality throughout the world can benefit globalization. Many people thought their way of living was gone or was going to change because of globalization. But that is just the opposite, it has helped them. By creating new jobs, people having their own businesses. Many can now support and provide for their families, without the worry every minute of their day. This helps make realize what is important and what isn’t really that important. Globalization helps you realize that everyone’s standard of living is different in each part of the country. (4 Positive)

There are a lot of concern globalization can cause, some are the use of resources will increase, which will lead to the increase of carbon dioxide emissions, oil prices, oil supply, job transfers from developed countries to less developed. The currency how much the dollar stands for. Taxations,essential good and service, and if one country is to fall the other countries will fall
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