Global Awareness Speech: What Is A Global Awareness Speech?

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This week, we’ve all been giving global awareness speeches on topics that teenagers should know more about. Globalization is the reason you all have stood in the place I am in standing right now. It has directed our thoughts towards Snapchats and InstaVids instead of gun control or autism. Companies have revolutionized the way we act, with Apple’s iPhones and McDonald’s Big Macs, we no longer think about important newsworthy material. Yet, globalization is not a new topic. An early example is during the nineteenth century when the Silk Road allowed trade between China and Europe. The experience that we have now has just become controversial over the past ten years because more people are seeing it as a way to make our world smaller not larger. No matter what way you view it, almost every person on our planet is involved. Our parents work for companies that create more materials. Our governments focus on economic growth. We, as teenagers, look towards celebrity pop culture. It is all due to how globalization has changed our focuses away from the important ideals of life. Globalizatio...

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