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Ever think you are in control only to find out that you are not and you are in way over your head? Well, that is the life that Kristina Georgia Snow has everyone follow in Glass. Glass is the continuing book of Crank. Crank is about a innocent,17 year old girl named Kristina, who is on her way to graduating early when she has to go spend one month in the summer with her estranged father. While at her fathers house, she tries crank for the first time and falls in love with the monster. The book follows her journey with the monster and the consequences that come with it like hurting her friends and loved ones. The book ends with the teen becoming pregnant due to a product of rape. Glass picks up shortly after Kristina Snow, also known by her "alter ego" Bree, has the baby. She names her baby Hunter Seth. The book is set in Reno, Nevada. Kristina gets clean for her baby but only a couple of short months after she has Hunter, she starts getting bored again. Het mother and step father have agreed to look after Hunter if she gets her GED and goes to college. Kristina decides to hit up her old party buddy, Robyn. Sneaking around her parents back in Crank, has made Kristina's parents put her on restrictions and be watched at all times. But Kristina's mom thinking it's a "college fair", agrees to let her go. While at Robyn's, she meets Trey. A roommate of a friend who would become the love of her life. Due to college, Kristina only sees Trey every few weeks and gets a phone call or two a week since Trey is always "busy". She gets a job shortly after at 7/11 so she can support her "old" habit, which she claims she can still have a great life and not become addicted by smoking small quantities. To everyones surprise, Kristina's father deci... ... middle of paper ... ...heir product they were supposed to sell. Trey spends all of their saved up money gambling at casinos because he was trying to make profit. Desperate for cash, Kristina and Trey "fake" a break in to her old house and steal her mothers checks and jewelry. They make a run for it when Kristina sees her picture in the newspaper, tooken in one of the banks she cashed her mothers checks in. Sleeping off a monster buzz, they get pulled over by a cop for parking somewhere they are not supposed to. The cop asks to search the car, to find a a open lockbox, full of meth. Kristina’s mother also turned them in for stealing from her. As the author states in the end of the book, Kristina and Trey will no longer share an apartment, a car, a bed, a pipe, a cigarette, a kiss, promises, dreams or vows. The only thing they will share is a baby. That is, if they get out of jail in time.

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