Gladiator Aristotle

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335 words

The movie Gladiator would be considered an Aristotle tragedy. The main character, a Roman General, Maximus, is a loyal soldier. Maximus, is the favoured of Caesars Generals, and asked to be his successor, Caesar. Maximus, himself, is a good general caring for his men as well relatable. Maximus is a loving father and husband, who fight to protect his family and country. Maximus, who is asked to be the next Caesar, does not reply with the answer Caesar hoped, but thought about. At this time Commodus, Caesars son, is told about his father’s choice and murders him. In doing this Commodus, takes control of Rome’s armies and Rome itself. Maximus’s first error is not answering Caesar when they spoke about his offer. Briefly after, Maximus

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the movie gladiator is an aristotle tragedy, as a good man falls from grace due to poor decisions.
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