Glacial Landforms in the Peterborough Ontario Region

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Glacial Landforms in the Peterborough Ontario Region

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1. Introduction 3

2. Section 1: Geology 3

3. Section 2: Geomorphology 8

4. Section 3: Hydrology 13

5. Section 4: Vegetation 15

6. Section 5: Soil 18

7. Section 6: Climate 20

8. Conclusion 22

9. Appendix 24

10. References 25

11. Maps


This is a report based on three days of observations and testing in the region known as the Peterborough drumlin field. It will address a variety of regional elements, such as climate, soil, vegetation, hydrology, geomorphology, and geology. A variety of sites located on the Canadian Shield, the zone of thick glacial deposits to the south, and the transition between them will be the focus of the report. It is supplemented with previous research on the region. September 8, 1999, day one of the field study involved an area of largely granite bedrock that is part of the Canadian Shield and is the most northern point of study (see Map 2). September 9, 1999, day two, involved three main areas of study: the Bridgenorth esker (Map 3), Mark S. Burnham Park (Map 4), and the Rice Lake drumlin (Map 6). These sites are in areas of thick glacial deposits. September 10, 1999, day three, involved studying the Warsaw Caves (see Map 5) as a transition zone between Precambrian Shield rock to the north and Paleozoic rock to the south. A general map of the entire study region is provided by Map 1.

Section 1: Geology

Part I: Bedrock Knob

The site visited on this day was informally known as the Bedrock Knob (NTS grid reference: 120 342). It is in an area where patches of limestone and exposed bedrock are common. The bedrock is part of the Preca...

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