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When Mayor Giuliani first began his campaign for mayor he placed a strong emphasis on quality of life, crime, business, and education. This strategy proved to be very successful and he was appointed as the 107th Mayor of New York. As Giuliani began his term began to follow through on his promises and made several changes in many of New York’s important bureaus ("Biography of Rudolph,” n.d.). The first task that Giuliani took was that of decreasing the amount of crime that was present in New York. He implemented new strategies that have since become models that many other large cities from around the world have followed. While Giuliani was mayor, overall crime was down 57%, and murder was decreased by 65%. With these statistics, New York was recognized by the FBI as the safest large city in the world for five continuous years ("Biography of Rudolph,” n.d.). Another area that Giuliani implemented change was in the area of welfare. At the beginning of his term as mayor, one out of seven New York residents was on welfare. Giuliani started a program which would bring work to these residents and help them to become able to support themselves financially. Through this program 640,000 people were able to get off welfare and stop relying on welfare money provided by the government ("Biography of Rudolph,” n.d.). The last area that Giuliani brought change to was the area of education. Giuliani felt that this was a very important and focused on increasing money for education and bringing up standards. He helped to bring the student-teacher ratio to the lowest it had been in many years and increased available money for education by four million dollars.
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