Girl in the Pink Scarf

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Paris in the fall, what a beautiful city; its a wonderful place to be. This city is full of culture with its famous landmarks and mysterious air. One could have wondrous adventures in the city of lights. On this day in Paris the sun was shining and the air is crisp, just the right kind of fall day. The city was bustling, the Eiffel towel was full of tourist and the Louvre is still one of the most interesting places in the city with all of its wonderful treasures like the Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” just looking at that painting gives you a warm feeling, and to look into her eyes you get the impression that there is a secret hidden away, hmmm intriguing.

After leaving the Louvre I strolled through the city, just looking at the people as they pass by, it's amazing what you will see if you only take the time to look. As I walked along I had to stop because I noticed this girl in a pink scarf. Just under her scarf you could see her raven black hair, she was strikingly beautiful. Her eyes were full of sadness as she begged for coins from the passers by. I had to get closer; I had to see her face up close and to look into those big black pools of sadness, the windows to her soul; as I came up to her and before I knew it I had emptied my pockets of the all the money I had. I gave it to her, I put it into her hands, and they were soft. I began to walk away; I heard her soft raspy voice say, “may we”. I turned and gave a half smile, by that time it was on to the next person who was willing to part with their spare change.

That night, sitting in my room I could not get the image of her and that pink scarf out of my mind. Why was this girl begging for spare change, what happened to put that sadness in her eyes? Did she h...

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...keep our heads above water. It is so peaceful here”. As we left the Louvre I said to her, I would like to see some of your work, I said. Can you meet me in the square tomorrow? “Yes” she replied. Well; then I will see you at a half past eleven and I hope to have good news by the end of our meeting. “ I do not know why, but ok Sam we shall meet at a half past eleven in the square” Just then I saw a spark of light in her eyes. Until tomorrow, as I walked away I turned to see her signature pink scarf flowing in the wind. “Ring”, “Bonsoir”. Salut Francois, it's Sam we need to meet. The next day I was anxious I wanted things to go well, Giselle is a nice young lady. An hour later Francois and I waited in the square, when to my left I could see Giselle walking quickly towards us. “I am so sorry Sam but my little brother Jacques was how do you say “ under the weather”.

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