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Although the Civil War allowed women to take roles out of their homes, Reconstruction did not lead to voting rights, so suffrage leaders created the National Woman's Suffrage Association and the American Woman's Suffrage Association, which ultimately led to women getting the right to vote. It was a very difficult challenge to overcome, but in 1920 women finally received the right to vote.
First of all, during the years of the Civil War the status of women were elevated into fulfilling roles traditionally held by men. Before the Civil War, a woman's role was to keep the household organized and clean, race her children, keep them healthy and safe, be a lady with the latest fashion and serve God as much as they could. However, when the Civil War started in April 16, 1861, woman's roles took a very big turn. The government also thought that women could be spies. It was very easy for them to be, the only had to use their charms. They would go to parties and dinners, flirt with soldiers and obtain information or they could smuggle supplies like medicine and ammunition large dresses and skirts. The most common role for a woman during the Civil War was a military nurse. This was very unusual at first, because before the Civil War almost all nurses in the United States were male. About 5,000 women volunteer for being a nurse during the Civil War. It wasn't a very nice job either, nurses had to feed, heal, clean, assisted surgeries and amputations. This is not all, women also became secret soldiers. In those days, it was illegal for a women to join the military, but over 400 women did. They did it by disguise themselves as men. Some of them were discovered when they had injuries and need it to be treated. All these different roles helped wo...

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