Girl Interrupted

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In the memoir “Girl Interrupted” by Susanna Kaysen, portrays a vivid and dark life of her own experience. From being just a typical 18 year old teenager, she always wanted to resemble a worthy person. Kaysen had a vast troublesome imagination, that has taunt and abuse her internally. Kaysen is an 18 year old girl who is in conflict with her borderline personality disorder, self-image, and insecurities. Kaysen explains through black and white pages about her struggle as a patient diagnose with borderline personality disorder. Entering this psychiatric with borderline personality, she meets a sociopath, a methamphetamine addict, and a depressive roomate that contributes to her experience at the psychiatric. Through out her memoir, she focuses on the treatment she is given, her disorder, and the past events that impacted her. Borderline personality disorder is an illness when a person is unable to control their emotions and relationship that leads to conflict. From depression, problems with family, unstable self-image, dangerous behaviors and mood swings are the effects of this illness. (NIMH 1)(DSM, Fourth Edition, Text Revision). Kaysen was sent to Claymore hospital for mental therapy. Her doctor assumed that she had a disorder and mental illness, that needed treatment. Kaysen ability to function normally depended on her thoughts and actions, because she was always in conflict with herself. From deep depressions, impulsive, and hallucinations of her surroundings, has made her became more insecure about herself. Kaysen believed taking a deadly dose of aspirin would help kill the side of her that contradicts her real identity. Kaysen was diagosned with borderline personality disorder, which has the person to have conflict of their o... ... middle of paper ... ...hool or even finding a real identity, her childhood experience that were not fully fulfilled had affected her adulthood which lead to her borderline disorder. As one can see, Susanna was one of many that was diagnose with borderline personality disorder. From the treatments, her disorder and her past events we can conclude that her diagnosed disorder slowly inclined from her childhood. Borderline personality disorder is a disorder in which many from “Six to ten million Americans” (BPDresourcecenter 1) that many encounters world wide. Kaysen who shows the signs and the characteristics of a borderline personality disorder from trying to commit suicide by consuming aspirin to looking for bones under her skin. People who are diagnosed with this type of disorder shows a variation of characteristics of this disorder which affects them mentally, physically and emotionally.
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